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Your Ecommerce Accountant are award winning chartered accountants based in the UK who focus solely on eCommerce businesses like Amazon, ShopifyEtsy and eBay.

As ecommerce accountants, we work with eCommerce sellers every day, so whether you are private label, dropshipping or arbitrage business we know and understand what you need.

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Accountants for Ecommerce Businesses

Who We Help

amaxon accountants

Amazon Sellers

Accountants for FBM, FBA, private label or selling alongside your retail store.

Shopify Accountant

Shopify Merchants

Do you sell via the Shopify ecommerce platform? Our online business accountants can help you!

ebay accountant

Ebay Sellers

Using eBay as another sales stream, as an eBay powerseller or Dropshipper? No problem!

Dropshipping Accountant

Ecommerce Sellers

We are experts in ecommerce accounting including tax advice for UK and EU companies


What is Ecommerce Accounting?

Accounting is changing, the high street accountant’s office is out of date

Sick of explaining to your accountant how your sales platform works? We are experts and we will be telling you what to do rather than the other way round.

We are leaders in ecommerce accounting in the UK. We have been featured in the leading accountancy publications sharing with other accountants how to do ecommerce accounting correctly.

We even offer a fixed monthly fee for peace of mind. 

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Ecommerce Accounting Services


Traditional accountants do not understand your online business, as ecommerce specialist accountants we make it our business to know.

Cloud Accounting

We have developed our own software to connect into your marketplace. This removes the need for you to send us manual reports.

Tax Advice

We keep up-to-date with all the latest legislation and international tax and advise you on how it impacts your ecommerce business.

Advice for Online Businesses

Need to understand your COGS? Want to know what's impacting your cashflow? We know what makes a successful ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Accounting FAQs

An ecommerce accountant is one that specialises in accountancy for businesses selling online.

We work with a wide range of ecommerce businesses, from sole traders and freelancers starting a new online business venture through to established limited companies with 7-figure turnovers. We accommodate both UK sellers and those wishing to sell into international marketplaces including dropshippers, Amazon FBA, private label and retail arbitrage sellers.

In terms of platforms, we work with B2C and B2B online businesses operating on platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Squarespace and Woocommerce as well as marketplace sellers on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. We also deal with multi-platform sellers who may need a solution to combine their streams into a single set of easily-digestible accountancy records.

Our pricing page gives a good overview of the package required for businesses at different stages of development based on annual turnover.

We make it really easy to change accountant.

  1. Inform your current accountant you are leaving
  2. Send us their contact details
  3. We will contact them directly to get all your files sent over to us
  4. We use that data to start your accounting from where your last accountant left off

Its easy as that. No lost information and seamless. 

There is a huge array of specialist software out there for ecommerce sellers including apps and cloud accounting packages. It can be confusing as different platforms and marketplaces have different integrations available and even in some cases different VAT requirements.

We recommend Xero and Quickbooks as your accounting software as they integrate with a wide array of ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Other accounting software does not have as large a depth of connections available. 

For new businesses, we set up your accounting system and integrate with your ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. We set up your accountancy software to ensure that you get real-time information, making it easy for you to understand your cash flow and manage your finances more effectively.

We are also happy to advise on the best PSPs (payment-service-providers) to suit your online business. We work with the top providers including Paypal, Stripe, and Worldpay and can advise on integration with your chosen ecommerce platform and accountancy package.

Whether you want to know about VAT requirements or want advice on how to improve your tax efficiency, our experienced online accountants can help you. The advice we provide to our customers is what sets us apart from others – we work with ecommerce sellers everyday and understand the challenges you face.

What’s more, unlike many traditional accountants our advice is completely free when you sign up to one of our ecommerce accounting packages.

Ecommerce accounting has many unique qualities to traditional accounting, making it difficult for non-specialist accountants to decipher.

Although tax liabilities and VAT requirements are universal in accounting, there are many unique differences which can make ecommerce accounting more tricky to handle. With many specialist ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, payment service providers and integrations it requires specialist knowledge to understand all the requirements properly.

Recently, we have seen the UK change their ecommerce VAT rules on 1 January 2021 and they were closely followed by the EU on 1 July 2021. This means that selling on ecommerce platforms has become a much more complex tax environment. Due to the meteoric rise of ecommerce businesses, there are few accountants who truly understand the new rules.

Whilst some generalist accountants will be able to navigate the ecommerce world successfully, there are many cases where unfamiliarity with the ecommerce accounting world could cause issues which impact your business.

Specific risks of using a traditional accountant for your ecommerce business include being unable to spot opportunities for tax efficiency improvements or even misreporting the amount of tax owed to HMRC possibly leading to a tax audit and fine. 

There are also more complex VAT requirements for online sellers – especially those selling abroad – so under-reporting your VAT and facing a penalty is also a very real possibility.

There is no minimum contract term required for our clients – all our contracts are on a rolling monthly basis, meaning there are no large and potentially unexpected fees usually associated with high-street accountants. 

Our fixed-fee pricing structure means that what is included in each level of plan is clear and transparent and you can clearly budget for accountancy costs. 

Ever had a meeting with your accountant and received an unexpected invoice afterwards? That won’t happen with us as unlike many traditional accountants we don’t charge for advice for our clients.

We are UK-based ecommerce accountants working remotely across the UK. We do not waste money on expensive offices, we focus on using the best tools available to provide a cost effective and value add service. As online accountants we are available at the drop of a hat to provide expert ecommerce accounting support for your business.

We communicate to our clients via phone, video call and email – you can even see our schedule and book a free 30-minute consultation with a qualified chartered accountant whenever suits you!  

Yes, we are ICAEW, (Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales), chartered accountants. 

That means we hold professional qualifications and ensure that we are at the cutting-edge of accountancy. 

You will be in safe hands when you choose us as  your ecommerce accountant.

Been using Ben and his team from Your Ecommerce Accountant for the last 3 months - top class service and communication. They have been a great relief for me and my brother running a start up in the UK - highly recommend them. No hidden costs, great service and get the job done when asked. Thanks
Richardt du Plessis
Thank you to Ben Sztejka! He was extremely helpful and gave me the best possible advice, as opposed to other accountants who will just give you 'advice' that leads to them charging you more. Thank you!


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