Do you have an audience or program that you want to earn from?

Affiliate Partnership

Do you have a business or audience that would benefit from specialist ecommerce accountants?

We are looking for affiliate partners who have outreach to Ecommerce Businesses in the UK that are looking for a specialist accountant that can assist with their e-commerce accounting as well as wanting to capitalise on their following.

Key Benefits to our Accounting Service

  • E-commerce specialists: Specialising in e-commerce accounting, providing targeted solutions for online ecopmmerce businesses.
  • Understanding Marketplaces: Comprehensive understanding of marketplace and platform fees, taxes, and international selling.
  • Up To Date Software: Use of cutting-edge software to accurately account for all e-commerce transactions.
  • Spread the costs: We offer monthly payments to ensure our clients make the most of their cashflow over the year.

How It Works

It’s simple. We create a dedicated landing page for you, it will include your brand and any information you want to add, you can take a look at a sample page here: Sample Landing Page

  • Professional Image: Your page will include your brand, images and any text you  want to add.
  • Accurate Tracking: By using a dedicated page we can track all interest and adapt the page to encourage more signups from your visitors that you’ve sent to us.
  • Opportunities: We can create additional collateral with you, like images, videos and Q&A sessions with us. Your success in referring clients to our success.

We are more than happy to discuss any opportunities that will be mutually beneficial.

Who Can I Refer To Your Services?

If you have an audience that are either running an e-commerce business or are on their startup journey, we can offer them a free consultation, they can be any of the following businesses:

  • Ecommerce Website Owners
  • Amazon Sellers
  • eBay, ETSY or Marketplace Sellers
  • B2B, D2C, Wholesale etc
  • Dropshippers
  • Whitelabel or Own Brands

Does the business we refer need to be a certain size?

No, we deal with businesses of all sizes, from owner-operator businesses running their business from home, all the way up to multi-country e-commerce setups.

How long will it take to be paid after a referal signs up?

Payments will be sent on the third month of the new client’s service with us to ensure they are still paying clients. If the referred party leaves or fails to pay during this period, no referral payment will be made as the referral would have failed to materialise.

How will I be paid for successful referrals?

We pay referral payments via BACS once per month, directly to your bank account. Therefore, we will require your bank details on file to be able to make a successful payment.

What's Your Earning Potential?

Our average affiliate partner earns a one-off £150* per successful affiliate signup and we usually convert around 1 in 4 ‘Free Consultation’ calls with referrals.

If you were to refer 12 free consultations to us in a month, we would expect to convert 3 of those to clients so your earnings could be around £450 per month. 

The more qualified leads you refer to us (have an e-commerce business and are in the market for an accountant) the more you can potentially earn

If you have a larger audience and higher lead potential then we can discuss special earning tiers based on higher signup numbers.

*You will earn the client’s first month’s payment amount excl VAT. One-off jobs will attract a single 10% payment. Full terms will be supplied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. While you must inform HMRC of your actual operating address, this information is not publicly displayed. In contrast, your registered address, such as a virtual business address, is publicly visible. This is why numerous businesses without a physical office or warehouse opt for our UK virtual business address services, ensuring their home address remains confidential. Our virtual office address offers multiple benefits:

  • Maintain the privacy of your home address.
  • Acquire a reputable virtual office address in the UK to enhance business credibility.
  • Prevent business mail from being delivered to your personal residence.
  • Benefit from a flexible monthly service rather than an annual commitment.
  • Ideal for renters and individuals in shared housing, providing a consistent business address.
  • Perfect for e-commerce, dropshipping, and other online businesses without physical premises.”

HMRC requires a physical location for potential inspection of business records, which is not feasible with a virtual office address in the UK. They seek the principal place of business, which could be your home or another remote working location.

In contrast, when registering with Companies House for a UK virtual business address, the requirements are less stringent. You can establish a company with various details and obtain an incorporation certificate. However, for VAT purposes with HMRC, the criteria are different, emphasizing the importance of a distinct physical address over a virtual business address.

Yes, virtual office addresses in the UK are entirely legal and have been utilised for years by a multitude of businesses. This includes not only small enterprises but also large corporations.

Virtual office addresses are ideal for small businesses, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive traditional office spaces. They offer a legitimate UK virtual business address, enhancing your company’s professional image without the associated overheads of physical premises.

In compliance with UK Anti-Money Laundering regulations, all providers of virtual office addresses must conduct thorough verifications. Before granting you a UK virtual business address, we need to confirm your identity and residential address. This crucial step in obtaining your virtual office address in the UK helps us ensure legitimacy and prevent fraudulent activities. Depending on your business type, additional documentation may be necessary to secure your virtual business address.

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