Which Banks are Compatible with Quickbooks Bank Feeds?

Which banks integrate wit Quickbooks

Which Banks are compatible with Quickbooks Online UK bank Feeds?

Bank feeds are becoming increasingly important, it can frustrate to find that the business bank you choose is not compatible with Quickbooks Online. So which bank should you choose which can integrate with Quickbooks Online UK bank feeds?

Unlike Xero and Freeagent, Quickbooks has not released a public API so that the banking industry can quickly integrate their banks accounts to Quickbooks bank feeds. This means that Quickbooks has to directly work with banks who wish to integrate their accounts with Quickbooks Bank feeds. Now from what we can tell, they have not been quick to get banks on their bank feed system, frustrating customers. Quickbooks open banking is here and we can expect to see more banks become compatible soon!

So what does that mean for UK small businesses? When choosing a bank account you need to check that your bank can integrate with Quickbooks so to avoid the manual reconciliation at the end of the month. We have provided a list of UK banks compatible with Quickbooks bank feeds.

What are Bank feeds?

Banks feeds are an automatically synced list of transactions (in goings and out goings) of your bank account with your accounting system. The impact has been enormous, Quickbooks can automatically match a transaction to a sales invoice or purchase invoice. This reduces the amount of time reconciling bank accounts manually – saving hours.

We are Chartered Accountants who specialise in eCommerce businesses, as part of our package we can help choose which business bank will work with your eCommerce business.

List of banks with Quickbooks Bank Feeds Integration

  • Santander Business Account
  • HSBC Business Account
  • Lloyds Business Account
  • Barclays Business Account
  • Cashplus
  • TSB Business Bank account
  • American Express
  • MBNA
  • Yorkshire Bank
  • Clydesdale Bank
  • Metro Bank
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Ulster Bank
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • Card One Banking
  • Monzo
  • Revolut
  • Tide – Announcement
  • Starling – Announcement
  • Co-operative (currently down – as of 20 July 2020)
  • Mettle 
  • Transferwise  
  • CYBG

We Recommend Transferwise for Ecommerce businesses

Transferwise connects to Quickbooks and perfectly fits ecommerce businesses who make cross currency reciepts or payments.

List of popular banks working on Quickbooks Integration

  • ANNA
  • Fair Everywhere
  • Counting Up
  • Coconut
  • Co-Operative (COOP)

We will keep you updated on when Quickbooks finally releases their API so that banks can easily connect to Quickbooks Bank Feeds.

Update: 8th November 2019 – Quickbooks now integrates with Monzo and Quickbooks.

Update: 6th December 2019 – There is still no news on Tide or Starling integrations with Quickbooks – Quickbooks, Starling and Tide are stating “coming soon” on their websites. We will keep you updated.

Update 19 December 2019 – FINALLY. Tide and Starling now fully integrate with Quickbooks. Now, all of the major banks work with Quickbooks bank feeds.

Update May 2020 – Problems with connecting Co-Operative (COOP) to Quickbooks bank feeds? We have had many reports that this no longer works with Quickbooks bank feeds. You will need to manually upload a CSV to Quickbooks to reconcile  your bank accounts.

Quickbooks bank COOP

Update 20 July 2020 – Problems with connecting COOP bank feeds remains. We have reached out for comment.

Update July 2020 – HSBC seem to be having problems with their bank feeds. ( 20/07/2020 Now Resolved)

Update 21 July – Quickbooks have added Mettle, Transferwise and CYBG integration to the bank feed!

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