Free downloadable invoice template

Those of you who started a limited company or are self-employed will need a solid invoicing method. We present to you our blank invoice template UK approved, to ensure your business transactions run smoothly. Please see below for our free UK invoice templates. They are completely free to download and compatible with Excel or Google Sheets.

Invoicing may seem like a straightforward and tedious task, but it is a key area of your business which you need to get right. For those starting out, we recommend using an Excel invoice template. To help you on your way, we have provided free downloadable invoice UK template in Excel below.

Those who have found their feet and are seeking an easier, more efficient way of invoicing should seriously consider cloud accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero or Freeagent. We have a selection of free invoice templates to get you started.

Remember, you can always schedule a free consultation with us to discuss if you would benefit from cloud accounting. Please follow this link to book some time in.

Why is invoicing properly important?

Invoicing on time and accurately is vital for your company’s cash flow. If you send an invoice with any detail incorrect, the supplier can dispute it, leading to payment delays. You would then have to reissue the invoice, causing further delay. If you send a perfect invoice (refer below for our free Excel invoice template) this won’t happen, ensuring timely payment.

Doing things professionally instills confidence in your clients. This is no different for invoices. You should always use a free invoice template or invoicing software to create invoices, so your customers trust the documents you send them.

What needs to be include on an invoice?

It is key to include all the key details in an invoice, please see our list below for our guide on what to include. (all included in our free downloadable invoice template)

  • “Invoice” in the header
  • Your Company/business name
  • Your company/business address
  • Your business contact details
  • The recipient/customer’s name and address at the top
  • A unique Invoice number
  • Details of any purchase order the client sent
  • The tax date (the date the invoice was sent)
  • A clear description of the goods or services provided. EG. X Widgets, £X 8 x X hours = £x total
  • Amount without VAT (VAT) – If VAT registered
  • Amount including VAT (Gross)-  If VAT registered
  • Your invoice payment due date
  • Your business/company VAT number If VAT registered
  • Details of payment – bank account number for example
  • Business/Company full trading name and registration number
free downloadable invoice template