Getting Started with Your Cloud Accountant (Quickbooks)

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After you are done getting started with Quickbooks, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. We’re big fans of Quickbooks here and know how happy clients are when they can see their cash flow situation whenever they want, link bank accounts directly, pay bills and run their businesses more effectively. For those using the bookkeeping.

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While we set up the basics for all new Quickbooks clients, there are key features you’ll want to know about from the very beginning so you can spend more time on your business and less time on your accounting. We’ve listed some of the most important below and encourage you to browse all the walk-through videos and all the starting out support articles.

Navigating Quickbooks

Get to know Quickbooks and find all of your most important financial information, including money coming in and going out, invoices owed to you and bills you need to pay. Find out how to navigate, customise, and find shortcuts for daily tasks. 
Video Walk-through

Connecting Bank Accounts

Quickbooks is all about making tedious tasks easier so Quickbooks connects straight to your bank so your transactions feed in automatically. Here’s how to get started by connecting your banks accounts to Quickbooks.
Video Walk-through

Creating an Expense

Recording an expensey easy in Quickbooks, this video below explains the whole process of creating an expense
Video Walk- Through

Creating an Invoice

Building an invoice is really easy in Quickbooks, this video below explains the whole process of creating an invoice and sending it to a customer.
Video Walk- Through

Download the app and run your business from your phone

Use your phone to run your business, download the app by searching for quickbooks in the app store- its included in your subscription. Watch the video below to find out howVideo Walk- Through

If you need any help, just give us a ring or email. We’re all Quickbooks-certified so no question is too simple or too complex.

If you haven’t signed up yet please contact us.

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Ben Sztejka ACA

Ben Sztejka ACA

We are a leading e-commerce accounting firm, focused on assisting UK and EU businesses in thriving online. With expertise in Amazon FBA, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay, we provide customised tax compliance and reporting solutions. Our team combines 10 years of experience as ICAEW chartered accountants with 15 years in e-commerce, offering unparalleled support to both e-commerce businesses and accountants.

Ben Sztejka ACA

Ben Sztejka ACA

Head Accountant & Director here at Your Ecommerce Accountant. Specialises in Ecommerce Accounting drawn from his own experience in Ecommerce and selling on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon & ETSY.

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