Trainee Accountant Apprenticeship AAT

We are a fast-growing online ICAEW accountancy firm which, you guessed it, focuses on ecommerce businesses. Those businesses which sell on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc… 

We are the leading ecommerce accountancy practice that provide a complete service to SME ecommerce business owners from bookkeeping to tax returns. 

We are a remote first business and always will be, so this will suit someone who has a good working from environment. 

Not only are we an accountancy firm but we have a team of in-house developers who develop ecommerce accountancy tools to constantly improve how service to clients and internal efficiency. 

As we grow, we are hiring trainee accountants who will undertake an AAT apprenticeship, this is a great pathway to moving onto ACA or ACCA within our firm and becoming a Chartered accountant. 

This role would suit someone at the very beginning of their career. 

Role Description: 

  • Bookkeeping 
  • Admin 
  • Will be trained to submit VAT Returns, Self-assessments and management accounts 
  • Will be trained to get accounts to TB level 
  • Communicate with clients 

We are looking to hire trainee accountants who can kickstart their accountancy careers in a young and progressive firm. You will not only work within the firm but you will have offsite learning to get the AAT qualification. 

Required Skills: 

  • Maths A Level 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Works great with structure 
  • Shows eagerness to learn 
  • Ability to write clear, professional emails 
  • Can work independently and as a part of the team 

About You: 

These are the values we look for in all our team members at YEA 

  • Trust – Trust is the most important aspect we have at YEA, this is especially true because we are a remote business. Our customers trust us with their businesses and YEA trusts you to treat the remote working and flexibility with respect. Trust is assumed at the start but is lost easily 
  • Empowered – Everyone is important, everyone has suggestions and everyone will be listened to. Everyone who works here has a valid opinion on how we should improve processes and make things better. The best ideas are generated by the people who actually do the work 
  • Highly Functioning – A team of high functioning generalists who have an understanding of every part of the business. This is so everyone is agile enough to deal with problems or issues when they arise 
  • See it, fix it – If a problem arises, you deal with it. If you need someone else to help on the problem, then the problem is still yours to follow up on and ensure that it is fixed. We do not just allocate to someone else and forget about it 
  • Imagine there is no review – Everything you send either internally or externally needs to have been checked. Do not settle for good enough or assume someone else will pick it up in review. Imagine everything you send will be sent to a customer 
  • Respect and Kindness – On a personal and business level we should be kind to each other. We want a to grow a team which helps each other when the times are tough and have each other’s back. We do not dismiss other’s opinions regardless of job title or qualification. We do this so this is a great place to work and it is the right thing to do 
  • Collaboration – We cannot work alone to solve problems, we need to work together to solve problems and deliver great customer service. We work with empathy; if someone is struggling we step in 
  • Continuous Improvement – Change can be assumed to be constant. There is no perfect process. We will always be changing process to improve customer service, and operational efficiency. Any change is not permanent, just because we have spent time solving an issue doesn’t mean that the solution is perfect and we should always look to improve and refine 
  • Efficiency – We are a business which is built on operational efficiency. We will look to automate where we can, use software to save time and review our processes. Our aim is to produce as much as possible with the least possible effort 

Working at Your Ecommerce Accountant: 

Clients: We specialise in working with ecommerce businesses, so you can expect to have a varied and interesting workload. On top of this, many of our clients are small owner-managed businesses, so you can expect to have close and personal relationships with the people you are working with. 

Working at Your Ecommerce Accountant Mindset:  

We are a forward-thinking and modern firm. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for our clients and for our team. 

  • Be treated right – We understand that the most refined work is completed in a respectful and collaborative environment. Negativity has no place here. This is true of our internal relationships and our relationships with clients 
  • Remote friendly – Want to work from home. So long as you are able to stay connected to the team and be on top of your workload, we are happy to accommodate 
  • Growth mindset – we want people who want to push themselves to grow the business and themselves 

What we offer: 

  • Competitive Base Salary (£13,000.00-£16,000) 
  • New business referral bonus 
  • Remote working (we will provide equipment) 
  • Learn for a wealth of experienced team members 
Job Category: Accounting Bookkeeping
Job Type: Full Time

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