No Abuse Policy - Ways of working

Our Commitment to Respect and Understanding

In our digital-first environment, where our team members work independently from their homes, we deeply value the importance of mutual respect and understanding between our clients and staff. We recognise that while we strive for perfection, there may occasionally be moments of misunderstanding or error. It is in these times we ask for patience and the opportunity to rectify any issues that arise.

Zero Tolerance for Abuse

We firmly believe in the right of all individuals to be treated with dignity and respect. This belief is foundational to our no-abuse policy, which upholds a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of abuse, whether verbal, written, or otherwise, directed at our staff.

Expectations from Our Clients

– We expect all communications, whether through email, phone calls, or social media, to be conducted in a manner that is respectful and free from hostility.
– Our staff are committed to being polite, helpful, and understanding of your needs. We ask for the same courtesy in return.
– Any instance of abusive, threatening, or rude behaviour will not be accepted. This includes but is not limited to, the use of offensive language, verbal insults, racial abuse, sexual harassment, and any form of physical intimidation or violence.
– We understand the importance of dialogue and will always strive to address your concerns. However, persistent abusive behaviour may lead to the restriction of services or, in extreme cases, the termination of our relationship with the client.

Enforcement of Policy

– Should there be a breach of this policy, we are prepared to take necessary actions to protect our staff and maintain a positive working environment. This may involve restricting communication access with the offending party and, if needed, involving law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of our team.

Our Pledge to You

We pledge always to listen, understand, and respect our customers and ask for the same in return. By fostering an environment of mutual respect, we can ensure that our online community remains a positive space for everyone involved.

Let’s create a respectful and understanding digital space where every interaction is marked by dignity and respect.

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