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We are UK-based specialist Shopify accountants who can help you take the stress away from your accounting.

We work very differently to the traditional accountant.

We are chartered accountants who work on an online-only basis, passing the savings on to you with a fixed monthly fee.

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Confused by Shopify Accounting?

We understand how Shopify works, so whether you want to change from a sole trader to a limited company or register for European VAT, we know the most effective way of doing this.

“We understand ecommerce, giving expert advice on how to build Your Shopify business.”

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Ben Stejka ACA
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Shopify Accounts Integration

Need help with Cloud Accounting Software?

We use technology to connect into the Shopify platform so we can record your sales, VAT and settlements as well as providing useful financial reports – simplifying the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business. We can even connect and combine the accounts for multiple stores.

If you have a cloud accountancy package such as Xero, we are happy to work with this – or we can advise on the best cloud accounting software for your Shopify store.

As cloud accountancy partners with several providers, we even have access to discounted rates for some of these packages.


Shopify Accounting Services


Take the hassle out of Shopify admin, bookkeeping and self-assessment with the latest technology and expert accounting all for a clear fixed-fee.

Cloud Accounting

Whether it’s integrating Shopify and Xero, Quickbooks or any other provider, we can advise on the best software for you, with discount packages available.

Tax Advice

Whether selling your own products or dropshipping, by giving you expert advice you can make decisions to grow your Shopify business in the UK and internationally.

Advice for Online Businesses

For many Shopify sellers, margin is king; we ensure you are clued up on your numbers, maximise your profit and can plan for the future.