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We are UK-based specialist Shopify accountants who can help you take the stress away from your accounting.

We work very differently to the traditional accountant.

We are chartered accountants who work on an online-only basis, passing the savings on to you with a fixed monthly fee.

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Confused by Shopify Accounting?

We understand how Shopify works, so whether you want to change from a sole trader to a limited company or register for European VAT, we know the most effective way of doing this.

“We understand ecommerce, giving expert advice on how to build Your Shopify business.”

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Shopify Accounts Integration

Need help with Cloud Accounting Software?

We use technology to connect into the Shopify platform so we can record your sales, VAT and settlements as well as providing useful financial reports – simplifying the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business. We can even connect and combine the accounts for multiple stores.

If you have a cloud accountancy package such as Xero, we are happy to work with this – or we can advise on the best cloud accounting software for your Shopify store.

As cloud accountancy partners with several providers, we even have access to discounted rates for some of these packages.


Shopify Accounting Services


Take the hassle out of Shopify admin, bookkeeping and self-assessment with the latest technology and expert accounting all for a clear fixed-fee.

Cloud Accounting

Whether it’s integrating Shopify and Xero, Quickbooks or any other provider, we can advise on the best software for you, with discount packages available.

Tax Advice

Whether selling your own products or dropshipping, by giving you expert advice you can make decisions to grow your Shopify business in the UK and internationally.

Advice for Online Businesses

For many Shopify sellers, margin is king; we ensure you are clued up on your numbers, maximise your profit and can plan for the future.

Shopify Accounting FAQs

A Shopify accountant is one that specialises with the particular requirements of Shopify sellers and the platform they work on.

The world of eCommerce requires a different skillset to traditional accounting. So we work with Shopify sellers to set up companies, identify new markets and maintain tax compliance, whether that’s self-assessment or registering for VAT.

We understand that Shopify sellers need flexibility in their digital marketing and payment gateways. So we’ll help you integrate with PayPal, Shopify Payments or any card provider. And we’ll advise on dealing with tax for digital advertising platforms, including Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

With recent changes to eCommerce VAT rules Shopify, like other online selling platforms, has become a more complex tax environment. However, our experienced online accountants can help you avoid any missteps while dealing with your VAT obligations. In addition, we’ll ensure compliance and identify opportunities for tax efficiency.

We recommend that our eCommerce clients use Quickbooks and Xero for their accountancy software. Both offer ease of use and seamless integration into your Shopify seller account.

We’ll ensure that your software is set up to report in real-time, ensuring effective cash flow management and the smooth financial running of your day-to-day business.

Recording online sales in Shopify is a simple three-step process:

  • Step 1: Run Payout report in Shopify
  • Step 2: Run Finances Summary report in Shopify
  • Step 3: Set up your report in Quickbooks or Xero

As specialist eCommerce accountants, we can help you set up and integrate Quickbooks or Xero into your Shopify seller account for direct and streamlined online sales reporting.

Unlike a traditional accountant, we understand the complexity of eCommerce. As a result, we can help mitigate the risks to your business of under-reporting and misreporting, which can result in an audit or fine.

From 1st July 2021, significant changes will affect the VAT threshold for non-EU businesses including Shopify sellers. However, if you’re a UK based seller with UK customers, you won’t need to register for VAT unless your turnover is equal to or greater than £85,000 per year.

If you sell into the EU, you may need to register for VAT or the EU’s IOSS scheme. To avoid any issues with underreporting or international buyers, we can guide you through the complex VAT requirements for online sellers and ensure your online business is fully compliant for peace of mind.

There is no minimum contract term required for our clients – all our contracts are on a rolling monthly basis. 

Our fixed-fee pricing structure means that what is included in each level of plan is clear and transparent and you can clearly budget for accountancy costs. This means you can relax knowing you won’t be hit with any unexpected fees – vital for Shopify sellers, especially strartups and SMEs.

We are a team of qualified chartered accountants working remotely across the UK. By cutting down on expensive overheads such as office space, we can offer a cost-effective and value-added service that brings specialist advice directly to your business.

We offer a free thirty-minute consultation with a chartered accountant whenever that suits you, followed up by email, phone or video calls. In addition, as UK-based online accountants, we work remotely across the country to provide expert eCommerce support at the drop of a hat.

Whether you’re a limited company with a seven figure turnover or a sole trader, we understand the challenges you face. It’s that knowledge and understanding that sets us apart. In addition, our ICAEW chartered accountants have the eCommerce expertise to help you grow your business with specialist advice.