confused by VAT for your online business?

VAT Services for Ecommerce

Your Ecommerce Accountant can help you with your business’s VAT compliance. We are professional chartered accountants specialising in all aspects of ecommerce accountancy including VAT.

Our VAT services include:

VAT Services for Ecommerce

UK VAT Services

Stay Compliant with HMRC

When you start an ecommerce business, you probably weren’t thinking about VAT.

However, if your annual VAT taxable turnover exceeded £85,000, you are required to register for VAT with HMRC. Many businesses are caught out with penalties from HMRC, which is where we come in.

AS UK-based ecommerce accountants we make it our business to understand VAT and simplify it for our clients. We work with online businesses every day, helping dropshippers, Shopify, eBay and Amazon sellers, amongst many more!

“We can help with you VAT compliance with everything from registration to your quarterly VAT returns.”

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VAT Services for Distance Sellers

Selling Internationally and concerned about VAT?

Many ecommerce businesses sell internationally, and may forget to stay on top of VAT.

If you are distance selling, either to the EU or further afield, there are a number of VAT requirements for you to consider.

If you are storing goods in the EU or have exceeded an EU country’s distance-selling thresholds, you will need to be registered for VAT in those countries.

For online sellers this process has been made easier through the VATMOSS scheme, allowing digital UK sellers to report and pay for VAT services in multiple EU countries.

Having worked with ecommerce sellers across the EU and further afield, we can help set this up!


VAT Accounting Services

VAT Registration

Once you’ve hit the VAT threshold, either in the UK or abroad your business will need to register for VAT in 30 days. Let us do it for you.

VAT Compliance & Returns

Once registered for VAT, your business will need to provide quarterly VAT returns.. We’ll make sure you avoid costly VAT penalties from HMRC.

VAT on Digital Services to the EU

VAT Mini One Stop Shop ( VAT MOSS ) is a way of reporting and paying VAT due on sales of digital services to consumers in the EU. We can help set this up for you.

VAT Strategy for Ecommerce Sellers

We understand the VAT requirements for ecommerce sellers, we work with online businesses every day and know the challenges they face.