Struggling with VAT Compliance for Your Online E-commerce Store?

VAT Services

Expert VAT Services for Ecommerce Businesses

Navigating your VAT responsibilities can be complex, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Your Ecommerce Accountant, we’re a dedicated team of chartered accountants focused solely on e-commerce.

So, from registering your VAT for you to ensuring your quarterly claims are submitted on time and making sure you’re on the most efficient VAT scheme, we’ve got you covered.

What We Offer

VAT Registration

Have you hit the £90,000 turnover mark? We’ll handle your VAT registration seamlessly and painlessly.

MTD-Compliant VAT Filings

Stay ahead with Making Tax Digital Filings. We can compile, check and submit your VAT returns. No hassle, no worries.

VAT Expenses and Claims

We ensure you maximise your VAT claims and minimise your liability by checking everything is correctly accounted for.

VAT Monitoring

Keep an eye on thresholds so you’re never caught off-guard – we can help with regular updates and advise when you need to take action.

EU VAT Guidance

Selling or looking to sell to the EU? Get actionable and timely advice on distance selling and how it affects VAT.

Your VAT Compliance Partner in the UK

Launching your e-commerce business is exciting, but VAT can be a stumbling block. Miss the £90,000 turnover threshold, and you could face penalties from HMRC, register too early and you could be losing vital profit margin that’s so hard to achieve in the early stages. That’s where we come in. As experts in UK e-commerce accountancy, we simplify VAT to make your life easier – advising you on the best actions to take, and when to take them.

VAT Considerations for International Sellers

Selling beyond UK borders? VAT can get complicated quickly. If you’re distance selling to the EU or elsewhere, we’ll help you understand your VAT obligations, including country-specific thresholds and registration.

Easier VAT Reporting for EU Sales: The VATMOSS scheme can simplify and help you manage VAT across multiple EU countries. We’ll help set it up for you.

Our VAT Services in Detail

VAT Registration

Have you reached the VAT threshold in the UK or abroad? You’ve got 30 days to register – let us take this burden and get you registered.

VAT Compliance & Returns

Quarterly VAT returns are a must once you’re registered. We ensure you stay compliant and avoid penalties.

Digital Services VAT in the EU

You can utilise the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) to simplify your VAT payments for digital services in the EU. We can help you.

Tailored VAT Strategy

Every e-commerce business is unique. We offer bespoke VAT advice tailored to your specific needs – usually saving our clients money and offering a solution they may not have been aware of.

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