Enhance Your Business Image with Your Own UK Virtual Office Address

Virtual Office Address

You need a reliable and Trusted Virtual Office Solution with no long-term tie-in

Navigating the online business world often requires a reliable registered business address. That’s where we come in. As the UK’s premier e-commerce accountancy firm, we offer you a premium Virtual Office Address service at a pocket-friendly rate of just £20 plus VAT per month.

Key Benefits

  • Maintain Privacy: Keep your home address off the public record.
  • Boost Credibility: Project a professional image with a reputable business address.
  • Flexible Terms: Enjoy the freedom of no minimum term contract and easy setup.
  • Electronically Sent: We will scan and email your post & then securely dispose of the original.

How It Works

It’s simple. When running an online business, you generally need two addresses:

  • Registered Address: Required by law for Companies House and HMRC filings.
  • Business Address: The physical address you use for routine business mail.

Our service proves essential for e-commerce, dropshipping, and any online business that wishes to keep their home address private.

Our Location

Situated in Taunton, South West England, our prime location offers you a distinguished UK business address at a highly competitive rate.

Where Can You Use This Address?

Your virtual office address can appear on:

  • Official Letters
  • Business Stationery
  • Order Forms and Invoices
  • Website
  • Google Maps/My Business
  • Marketing Materials

Why Not Use Your Home Address?

While it’s possible to use your home address, doing so can expose you to several risks:

  • Privacy: Your home address becomes public, risking your family’s security.
  • Online Visibility: Google prohibits residential addresses for business listings, affecting your web traffic.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Those in rented accommodation often can’t use their home address for business.

What's Included for £20 Monthly

Choose us for a Virtual Office Address service that’s not just easy to set up, but also seamless to manage. Contact us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. While you must inform HMRC of your actual operating address, this information is not publicly displayed. In contrast, your registered address, such as a virtual business address, is publicly visible. This is why numerous businesses without a physical office or warehouse opt for our UK virtual business address services, ensuring their home address remains confidential. Our virtual office address offers multiple benefits:

  • Maintain the privacy of your home address.
  • Acquire a reputable virtual office address in the UK to enhance business credibility.
  • Prevent business mail from being delivered to your personal residence.
  • Benefit from a flexible monthly service rather than an annual commitment.
  • Ideal for renters and individuals in shared housing, providing a consistent business address.
  • Perfect for e-commerce, dropshipping, and other online businesses without physical premises.”

HMRC requires a physical location for potential inspection of business records, which is not feasible with a virtual office address in the UK. They seek the principal place of business, which could be your home or another remote working location.

In contrast, when registering with Companies House for a UK virtual business address, the requirements are less stringent. You can establish a company with various details and obtain an incorporation certificate. However, for VAT purposes with HMRC, the criteria are different, emphasizing the importance of a distinct physical address over a virtual business address.

Yes, virtual office addresses in the UK are entirely legal and have been utilised for years by a multitude of businesses. This includes not only small enterprises but also large corporations.

Virtual office addresses are ideal for small businesses, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive traditional office spaces. They offer a legitimate UK virtual business address, enhancing your company’s professional image without the associated overheads of physical premises.

In compliance with UK Anti-Money Laundering regulations, all providers of virtual office addresses must conduct thorough verifications. Before granting you a UK virtual business address, we need to confirm your identity and residential address. This crucial step in obtaining your virtual office address in the UK helps us ensure legitimacy and prevent fraudulent activities. Depending on your business type, additional documentation may be necessary to secure your virtual business address.

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