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Virtual Office Service

Ecommerce and other online businesses often require a registered business address so that their home address can remain private.

Your Ecommerce Accountant provide a virtual office service for our clients, giving you a professional business address for a low-cost fixed monthly fee.

You can use our address on your Companies House records and other business correspondence, which we forward on to your chosen address.

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Virtual Office Service

£ 20 Monthly
  • Use of Registered Business Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • No Fixed Contract

registered office for ecommerce businesses

Why Choose our Registered Office Address Service?

Virtual office address with mail forwarding service

How Does it Work?

There are two address you need to know about if you are running a business:

Registered Address: A registered address is the official address used for registering with Companies House, tax returns and other official correspondence. If you’re a Limited Company or LLC operating in the UK, you’re legally required to register your office address with HMRC and Companies House.

Business Address: A location a company uses as their storefront for general mail – often the shop or physical premises they work from. This needs to be a physical address in the same country where your company is registered, which can be an issue for international businesses.

However, many online, dropshipping and ecommerce businesses either do not have – or do not want – to display their home address for either these types of address, which is where our virtual office service comes in.

Our UK registered business address is located in Taunton in the South West of England – an ideal location for business wanting to give themselves a prominent UK address

Where Can you Use The Address?

Our UK virtual office service gives you that peace of mind that you can use a reputable business address for your ecommerce business. You can use the address on all business correspondence including:

Virtual office service uk

Why Don't You Use your Home Address Instead?

There’s nothing to stop you from using your home address for your registered office address, but here are some good reasons why usually better to use a registered business office instead.


First and foremost, your address will be made public at Companies House. You may not want to have your family linked to your business interests for privacy and security reasons. Putting your private address in the public domain could make you or your family a target for spam mail.

Google Maps/My Business

Google Maps/My Business is very important for the online visibility of digital businesses, especially for local searches. Google now bans any businesses using a residential address for their business listing meaning you will be losing out on website traffic if you don’t have a commercial business address.


Registering an address for your business gives your organisation instant credibility. If customers are put off because of your location, a reputable address in the South West of England on the M5 corridor could change their mind.

Living in Rented Accommodation?

If you’re living in rented accommodation, you may not be able to use your address for business purposes – it is up to the landlord’s discretion so they could easily say no.

Contact us today to find out more about our registered office with mail forwarding address for your ecommerce business.