How to Add an Accountant as an Agent on HMRC

How to add an accountant as an agent on HMRC

We all know that tax and HMRC can be really complicated to deal with, one of the things our clients were struggling with is clear guidelines on how to add an accountant as an agent on HMRC. Adding your accountant to your business tax account can be a life saver, they can check your file to make sure there are no issues , submit various returns directly to HMRC and even chat to HMRC on your behalf – because who wants to listen to that hold the line music. Accountants normally assume that clients can easily connect to agents without extensive research, unfortunately, like much of our industry, whats easy for us is not easy for small businesses, it can be hard unless you know exactly how to do it.

Add an accountant as an agent on hMRC

1. Login to your business tax account here.

2. Click on Manage account

3. Under your account click accountants

4. Click on the service you wish to add your accountant to – click “view or change accountant”

5. Click on “authorise an agent”

6. Enter in your accountant’s agent ID – this would be provided by Your Cloud Accountant in an email but other accountants may need to be chased.

7. Tick the box to confirm and then click next. Save this receipt as confirmation and keep for your records.

8. It will then take a couple of days for your accountant to be linked and this should be confirmed by the acting accountants.

And there you have it, you can add your accountant as an agent!

This has been made even easier as Your Cloud Accountant has created a step by step video to show you how to add an accountant as an agent on HMRC.

For any questions contact Your Cloud Accountant at or book a call by going to the contact page.

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Ben Sztejka ACA

Ben Sztejka ACA

I am an ICAEW Chartered Accountant with one core belief, make accounting as pain free as possible and focus on adding value to businesses.

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